(Survey)Denoising diffusion probabilistic model

Efficient DDPM

Consistency Models

CVPR2023 On Distillation of Guided Diffusion Models

DDPM for segmentation

CVPR2023 Open-Vocabulary Panoptic Segmentation with Text-to-Image Diffusion Models

DDPM for pose

CVPR2023 Person Image Synthesis via Denoising Diffusion Model

DDPM for image restoration

  • Classifier guidance
  1. CVPR2023 Generative Diffusion Prior for Unified Image Restoration and Enhancement
  • ILVR(Iterative latent variable refinement)
  1. CVPR2023 DR2: Diffusion-based Robust Degradation Remover for Blind Face Restoration

CVPR2023 Implicit Diffusion Models for Continuous Super-Resolution

CVPR2023 Parallel Diffusion Models of Operator and Image for Blind Inverse Problems

Video audio joint generation

CVPR2023 MM-Diffusion: Learning Multi-Modal Diffusion Models for
Joint Audio and Video Generation

smart brush/ copy paste

CVPR2023 ObjectStitch: Generative Object Compositing

DDPM for layout generation

CVPR2023 LayoutDM: Discrete Diffusion Model for Controllable Layout Generation
2303.05049.pdf (arxiv.org)

Insight for DDPM

CVPR2023 Class-Balancing Diffusion Models